Sunday, March 1, 2015

Service and Bills - WK 37, 38

So I totally forgot about last week so this will be worth two!

We on Wednesday, 11-feb-15, we had a service day where we baked cookies and wrote notes of appreciation to some of our investigators and members who we are working with. It was SO MUCH FUN! I felt really good about this small service we did for them.

We had a good week in a way that we were able to be blessed so much with small little things, like finding people who we used to teach,
etc. It has been awesome!

So on Monday 16-Feb-15; We went to go hiking and it was really fun. I went to that same hike 6 months ago and I didn't get as tired as I did last time...... PRETTY AMAZING how I am changing throughout the mission! I just feel so happy that I was called to Oregon!

Saturday 21-Feb-15; We went to a special service at the Canby Adult Center and it was special because we had to make brunch and serve veterans, the focus on WWII and Vietnam War. It was super fun and it was awesome to see how thankful the wiser generation were for us to
serve their brunch. It was a very nice service and it was super fun, and the best part was to be able to eat some food also! It was

So one thing that has was mentioned to me was of how we should see our lives. They told me a comparison of our lives and a hundred dollar bill ($100). If we had a $100 bill, fresh off the printer and perfect, the you bend it in half. Does the bill lose its value? If you crumple the bill and unfold it, will it only be worth $90?

Of course it doesn't, so then why would we think that Heavenly Father disregards us because of our past mistakes? Heavenly Father will always love us no matter what! There are times when we don't do the right thing, but Heavenly Father has blessed us with His son, Jesus Christ and being able to help us become new, and being able to find that peace that we all look for.

I want to say my testimony that I know that the work which I am doing, is not a waste of time, because this is the truth! That this is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! And I have been called, even though I may struggle with feeling weak, I know that Heavenly Father understands and He has a plan for me and every single one of us! I know that life isn't fair, but I have thankful for all I have gone through. I could of become bitter because of what Heavenly Father has let me go through, but I know that I have become better because I accept it and learn from it.

~Elder Soriano~
1400 NW Compton Dr. STE 250
Beaverton, OR 97006

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