Thursday, March 12, 2015

Disciples of the Digital Age - WK 39 & 40

So these were my last two weeks in CANBY! But hey...... where the
Lord wants me I'll go!

On Monday, February 23; we had a missionary training meeting on the new iPads
we are getting and what we will we be doing with them, and how to
better keep up the the Hastening of the Lord's work! So the church is
really going big with how the internet will be used to help youth
understand better missionary work and how returned missionaries can
help with the course of everything! It is truly AMAZING how the Lord
is helping the world! And what is also AMAZING, is how the first
presidency and the twelve apostles have SO MUCH TRUST in us
missionaries, even after being told by so many that we will just be
wasting time and money. It is truly a privilege!

Tuesday - TREAT YO' SELF DAY! Had p-day today and just bought things
that I wanted...... kinda selfish but hey, I bought some really nice
socks and it was nice to buy something for me :)

Wednesday Temple day! So it was AMAZING being able to go into the
temple again! the temple is truly the most spiritual experience,
because inside the temple, it just feels like you are in a different
world! All the worries of life just somehow are gone and you can just
think of eternity and feel that Heavenly Father truly has a plan for
all of us! I love being able to just feel that calm spirit and peace,
especially from all the stresses of life and missionary work. I am
grateful for the privilege of entering the temple and having that sure
hope of being with my family forever, and that I will be able to see
my creator and my savior after this life! I just love feeling that
eternal love!

On Monday, March 2: we went ICESKATING on Preparation Day! it was
AMAZING! I havent Ice-skated in almost a year! It was really fun, even
though I am not that good, I just love skating on ice. *Next olympic
ice skater!....... just kidding!

Thursday we were able to go visit Carmen, a friend of a member that
the Spanish sister missionaries taught a couple days ago! She is SO
FUNNY and AMAZING! She is suer shy, but she is loves that we teach
her, and she listens and understands everything that we are talking

Saturday was transfer calls and I am going to Aloha with Elder
Hutchings! I am super excited because I've heard good things about the
ward and the area!

~Elder Soriano~
1400 NW Compton Dr. STE 250
Beaverton, OR 97006

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