Friday, February 6, 2015

Post uno! 16 Months left!! - WK 35

Well, I am really happy to be here in the Oregon Portland Mission!
I just want to say something really quick! I am here serving in Canby, Oregon and has been an AMAZING place to be. So many good people here. I am currently serving with Elder C. Smith and it has been really great! I am heading close to my 8 months out on the mission! And I am just having such a blast here! I have learned so much and I am growing both spiritually and mentally. I just want to say that I know that which I am is doing the Lord's work! And that I know this is His gospel, fully restored and that we have a latter-day prophet who guides us, exactly how the Lord did it back in ancient times. I know He lives and that He loves all of us, and that we can know it by praying, and reading His words through the Book of Mormon, as well as the Bible.

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