Friday, February 13, 2015

Tortillas y Películas - WK 36

So last week has been really fun! We talked with one of our investigators in which she invited us to help her make flour tortillas and it was super fun! My tortillas did not look round at all, gotta get more practice. She has been really nice and always is happy to see us and to talk with us. The following morning we came over for breakfast, she had made some pancakes! We got to eat and talk with her and her husband, who I haven't seen since New Year's Eve. They are really funny and very friendly.

On Thursday we got to watch 17 Miracles with Alejandro and Patty. It was really cool, because we got to explain what had happened before the events, as in the restoration. After the movie, we got to explain the importance of personal testimony and how we get to obtain that, in which we stressed a lot about reading the Book of Mormon. We also explained about temples and what Zion meant. It went really well, because he was able to visualize the personal conversion that people had so they follow the Savior, which is Jesus Christ!  

So we have been doing A  BUNCH of service, especially last week. On Thursday, we went to go sing to the elderly. It was super nice and I hope we brightened someone's day! We help at the Food Bank on Thursday, by going to Fred Meyer (or a Fry's store if you live in AZ) and picking up donations! They donated A BUNCH of bread and meat! it was AWESOME seeing that the food bank got more stuff to donate! And on Friday, we went to this Canby Adult Center where we helped out prepare and serve food for the older generation. It has been really fun, we even got to become friends with a lady named Gertrude and she is from "Jersey" and she grew up on a "Dairy." she was SUPER NICE and she was really funny. It is nice to sit and listen to different life stories that people have to offer, whether it be from their own experiences or a relatives of theirs.... its always cool to imagine the different perspectives people have. 

One thing that stood out this week while we were at a family home evening with some member, I thought of a quote and changed it a little to fit the situation. "Never do anything if you wouldn't walk over broken glass to get it." which means that we must be careful for every decision we make, and if we wouldn't want to walk over glass, even after the consequences then why make them? We know that everything has eternal consequences, whether they be good or bad. 

Also during sacrament on Sunday, Sister Bean gave a WONDERFUL talk and she mentioned something that stood out, Love is the law that Heavenly Father commands us to follow. Jesus Christ explains that we must LOVE! Sister Bean said, "Broken commandments show that there is NO LOVE and Jesus said, 'IF YE LOVE ME, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS' CHARITY IS THAT PURE LOVE.'" I know that when I did charity this week (service), I just felt happier to focus on others instead of myself. I am so happy to be here serving the people whom the Lord has sent me to teach. 

~Elder Soriano~
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